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Radwan Mortada is an award winning journalist who began his professional career back in 2007. After completing his studies, he started as a young writer at Al-Akhbar daily newspaper. He was passionate about bringing forth the truth while pursuing social justice as a court reporter, he dove headlong into finding the source and beginning of every case he faced, rocking Lebanon and the Arab world many times over with editorials which revealed the ugly side of a country recovering after yet another war.

During filming inside Palestinian refugee camp

At the turn of the decade and with the decent of the Arab spring over Syria, depending on news agency stories, he received as a dish and MCR operator at Al Jadeed TV, a local leading television station with reach to the Middle East, yet this wasn’t enough for the journalist who had gravitated towards studying Jihadi groups and movements; he began a series of war coverage visits to better cover and reveal the intricate details of what was the Syrian civil war.

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His wartime exploits expanded the already formidable contact list he boasted on all opposing sides of the war, and the resulting articles drew even more attention to the young up and coming journalist who had gained the trust of various pro and anti government factions, as is most apparent one of the articles he published, where he shocked readers by first visiting Al-Qaeda leaders, both in Syria and Lebanon, in and outside Palestine refugee camps, and then being welcomed into both IRGC and Hezbollah training and advance posts and camps. The aforementioned magnetized the attention of local and regional media outlets to his work, all the above provided a solid basis for his move to the video documenting arena.

His passion for all forms of documentation and videography revealed a staggering archive of video interviews and raw footage, upon which he depended to produce 4 documentaries the first of which was snapped by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on the subject of “Captagon” trafficking between Lebanon, Syria, the Gulf and Europe. This was simultaneous with him founding The “Blue House” a production company that specializes in documentaries along with advertisement.

He also employed his vast knowledge of the Syrian scene to produce three documentaries “Fi Jabal Al Qalamoun” which Al Mayadeen broadcasted to introduce the Jihadi Scene of the region to its audience, and “Maaraket Yabroud” that Al Jadeed TV revealed in a single broadcast summarizing the battle between Hezbollah and Al Qaeda, and his latest release “The Throne of God” also produced for Al Jadeed TV, documenting the rise and fall of ISIS along and inside the Lebanese borders, the film boasted never before seen stories and videos.

Mortada’s vast passion for the story and revealing the truth opened the doors of TV reporting before him, in effort to capture his documenting spirit, which was apparent upon the release of his first book which unsurprisingly was a best seller “When the Syrian Revolution Grew its Beard” based on everyday stories from his Syrian coverage, which left readers aching for more.

Radwan Mortada, occupies the role of Managing Partner role at iLead, a Political Communication, Branding and Campaigning firm; he continues his journalistic duties, where you might run into him in a taxi cab looking for the next blockbuster story at 3 in the morning, his usual 18 hour day revolves around formulating Al-Jadeed’s main news bulletin working closely with a team of handpicked reporters he directs towards stories and how to approach them, while stealing a few hours each day to return to his beginnings on Al- Akhbar’s Newspaper pages in articles that readers await for, all while diving headlong into television documentaries his everlasting love.

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